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Why a Drying Cabinet?

The Staber residential drying cabinet is designed to dry items that are not recommended to be tumble dried. It performs like an accelerated clothes line allowing clothing and garments to last longer without the excessive wrinkle action like a traditional tumble dryer. Traditional tumble dryers will fade away the color of your clothes while the Staber residential drying cabinet keeps your clothes looking fresh, new and vibrant! The drying cabinet also uses less energy compared to the traditional dryer.  One of the many benefits of the drying cabinet is that it offers high capacity and variable power settings, allowing you to save time and money when it comes to your laundry. Available in white powder coated finish and stainless steel, you are sure to find the right drying cabinet to compliment your home.


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DCR-1000 Residential Drying Cabinet

Staber offers similar drying cabinets used in critical applications such as hospitals, laboratories, and even fire departments. The Staber Residential Drying Cabinet is becoming a favorite of homeowners across the United States


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Multiple heat settings and timed drying allows you to keep your clothes vibrant and fresh, at the same cost as a traditional dryer. The choice is clear: drying cabinets offer a better choice at a similar operating price.

About Drying Cabinets

What Is A Drying Cabinet?

Considered the best option for drying clothes in Europe, drying cabinets offer all the benefits of an accelerated clothes line – right inside your home!
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For over 30 years, Staber Industries has built some of the best home appliances in the world. Our products, built in the heart of America, have been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, and have been named a Consumer’s Digest Best Buy!
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